19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (2024)

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We've curated the best men's casual shirts and button up shirts.

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19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (1)

Casual shirts – Not only can you have season-specific casual shirts, such as something short-sleeved and linen for spring and summer, or a long-sleeved button down shirt that’s more heavily weighted for autumn and winter, but you also need to consider the dress code of where you wear your shirts: business shirts, tuxedos, and, of course, casual. There’s always a need for good quality casual shirts.

Every clothing retailer worth their salt will have an extensive casual shirt collection, make no bones about it, but that also means the level of quality will waiver drastically (and usually be reflective of the money you spend). It probably goes without saying, but the more you invest in quality, the happier you’ll be long term. Just be sure to read the washing instructions!

We’ve selected some of our absolute best casual shirts for men and the brands that make them, that will keep you looking stylish at every casual and smart-casual affair.


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (2) 1/19

Price: From $88
Sizes: XS-XXL

Would you believe that Lululemon is not just for the yoga obsessed? They also make a great range of men’s casual shirts. Their fabric technology and innovation means their casual shirts are light and breathable but still perfect for meetings and special events. Double win.


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (3) 2/19

Price: From $89
Sizes: XS-XXL

Bonobos was born because founders, Andy Dunn & Brian Spaly, couldn’t find men’s pants that fit (they were either too tight or too boxy) and wanted to fix this common problem men face while shopping. They fixed it with their not-so-secret secret: all Bonobos’ pants have a curved waistband that conforms to the natural shape of men’s waists. Bonobos then expanded into producing awesome casual shirts, suits, swimwear; you name a piece of men’s clothing, they do it!

Bonobos’ range of men’s casual shirts are perfect for casual events but will easily blend in with your office attire. Available in multiple styles, fits, and colours, a Bonobos casual shirt is a must-have for any man’s closet.

Todd Snyder

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (4) 3/19

Price: From $148
Sizes: XS-XXL

You might be saying that Todd Snyder’s domain is the button down casual shirt, and you wouldn’t be wrong. His designs are eye catching, playful, and impeccably made. From his short sleeved bowling shirts to his two pocket long sleeves, Snyder takes a lot of his inspiration from fine tailoring traditions that go back to the early 1900s and then puts his own modern stamp on it, using only the highest quality fabrics; the end results are superb.

If you’re a fan of printed or patterned short sleeve casual shirts for your holidays or festivals, Todd has you covered, but he also has plain, more versatile shirts on offer too.


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (5) 4/19

Price: From $128
Sizes: S-XXL

If there’s one brand that knows casual style inside and out, it’s Outerknown. The laidback lifestyle menswear label was founded by champion surfer Kelly Slater, and has surfer style running through its veins. You’ll see what we mean as soon as you take one look at the company’s website.

With a fantastic range of casual shirts in both long and short sleeve varieties, you’ll look effortlessly cool when wearing an Outerknown casual shirt.

Flint and Tinder

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (6) 5/19

Price: From $98
Sizes: S-XXXL

If you like an altogether more rugged and refined feel to your casual shirts, then you should definitely check out Flint and Tinder. The brand has a comprehensive range of button downs, so whether you’re after plain and simple, or something a little more suited to fishing, cutting wood, and the great outdoors, you’re covered. Made from 100% cotton, they’re a little thicker than most, so probably best suited to either sit under a winter coat or over a tee to take the edge off an early autumn evening.


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (7) 6/19

Price: From $70
Sizes: XS-XXL

As well as feeling good about how our clothing looks when worn, many of us are just as conscious about how it’s made. Everlane prides itself on using sustainably sourced fabrics made ethically in factories around the world. The company’s casual shirts complement a more smart casual look, and are generally spun from quality cotton. And if that wasn’t enough they sit at the lower end of the price range, meaning they’re a great option if you’re looking to add more than one shirt to your collection.

J. Crew

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (8) 7/19

Price: From $80
Sizes: XS-XXL

New York retailer J. Crew has been doing the rounds stateside since 1943, producing competitively priced garments for those who like things a little more casual. It has a great selection of shirts for all seasons that offer a touch of style and elegance to any look. The company’s creations are also made from a mix of cotton and elastane fabrics to offer complete soft-to-touch comfort with just the right amount of flexibility, and work alongside just about anything in your wardrobe.

The range of casual shirts offered by J. Crew is nothing short of exhaustive, so no matter what kind of casual shirt you’re looking for, J. Crew will definitely have it!


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (9) 8/19

Price: From $40

The key to staying on top as a high street brand isn’t just about catering for tastes on mass, it’s about creating collections that are both relevant and of value. This is what Uniqlo manages perfectly. Within its designs you can find casual shirts for both a casual ensemble and an office wardrobe, albeit with a much lower grade of cotton. If you’re going for a quick one off interview or meeting that may spill over into an after hours social gathering, then Uniqlo are sure to have just what you’re looking for.

Uniqlo is a big supporter of linen and cotton as shirt fabrics, and their casual shirts are available in a multitude of colours, so you could easily stock your entire wardrobe with a new look for each day of the week. Super-soft and with an oh-so casual silhouette, Uniqlo make perfect summer shirts.


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (10) 9/19

Price: From $128
Sizes: S-XXL

When three Stanford students took a trip to Europe they were inspired by a stretch of river that is one of great importance to the continent’s trade – the Rhone. Activewear may have been how they started, but Rhone now produces its own line of casual shirts from its own in-house fabrics developed in Italy. They’re the type of designs you can wear post workout thanks to sweat wicking technology and four way stretch construction that ensures you stay feeling comfortable and restriction free.

Rhone’s casual shirts all feature this moisture-wicking tech as well as wrinkle-free properties, and will keep you comfortable in casual cool style.

Orlebar Brown

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (11) 10/19

Price: From $275
Sizes: XS-XXXL

The team of designers at Orlebar Brown always manages to stay a cut above the rest with its creations, and the casual shirts that roll off the production line are in no way different. Made for sunkissed casual occasions, they’re designed using 100% Italian cotton to add the type of quality we so closely associate with the brand.

All OBs casual shirts are constructed in Portugal, and what’s more, they offer a wider range of collar choices than most from Capri and Classic to Grandad and Cutaway, giving a little more variation to help elevate your overall ensemble.


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (12) 11/19

Price: From $119
Sizes: XS-XXL

Founded in Amsterdam back in 2000, Suitsupply does exactly what its name suggests and then some. It has a fantastic range of well made casual shirts that are versatile enough for office attire, luxury looks, or evening wear. Suitsupply use Italian and Egyptian cotton to create wonderfully cut shirts made for those who demand quality and style above all else. The company is also a part of Fair Wear Foundation that promote fair labour and safe working environments for their workers.

M.J. Bale

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (13) 12/19

Price: From $130
Sizes: XS-XXXL

You don’t get to be the official suit maker of the Baggy Green Caps (the Australian cricket team for anyone who doesn’t know) if you don’t know your tailoring. So that fact in itself should tell you a little something about the impressive rise that M.J Bales has been on since breaking through in 2009.

As well as wonderfully stylish and elegant suits, M.J. Bale creates exquisite shirts made for casual, business, and formal tastes, all cut to perfection and made from 100% cotton twill. These casual shirts are made to fit, no matter if your preference is slim, regular, tailored, or hanging – meaning there’s something for everyone.


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (14) 13/19

Price: From $90
Sizes: S-XXL

Running away with the concept of casual is Australian menswear brand nANA jUDY (yes, it is stylised that way). Founded in Melbourne by Glenn Coleman in 2006, nANA jUDY is now one of Australia’s best-known streetwear brands for men. The brand’s shirts make excellent companions for festivals or weekend drinks, with a range of designs ranging from conservative to a little more adventurous.

Lands End

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (15) 14/19

Price: From $65
Sizes: S-XXL

Founded in 1963, Lands End is an American brand dedicated to providing the world with comfort. They only use soft and durable fabrics, to make exceptional clothing that allows you to feel good and comfortable. But function truly meets fashion at Lands End, as while their garments are comfy, they are also extremely stylish.

Lands’ End has an absolutely amazing selection of casual shirts for men, including a vast array of the plaid and flannel shirts you want for fall. Honestly, any casual button down shirt you might want can be found among Lands End’s selection.

Club Monaco

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (16) 15/19

Price: From $80
Sizes: XXS-XXL

Club Monaco was founded in 1985 to create ‘better basics’; classic, effortless pieces that are well-made and elevate wardrobes. Club Monaco believes the mark of true style is experimenting thoughtfully, something they’re experts at; constantly growing and evolving their style, Club Monaco encourages their consumers to do the same.

Club Monaco’s vast casual shirt collection offers fits, fabrics, colours, and collars for every occasion.

Polo Ralph Lauren

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (17) 16/19

Price: From $80
Sizes: XS-XXL

If you’re looking for an effective crossover piece that can flitter between styles effortlessly, then Ralph Lauren has to be mentioned. His casual shirts work under a suit with tie on your way to the office as well as open over a t-shirt for more smart casual occasions; or even with a pair of chino shorts and boat shoes on your way out to sea. All Ralph Lauren shirts are made from a blend of cotton and elastic fabrics depending on the style, season, and fit you’re looking for.

Any Ralph Lauren shirt will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe and will let those around you know you take your fashion seriously.

G-Star Raw

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (18) 17/19

Price: From $85
Sizes: XS-XXL

Now, we all know how good G-Star is when it comes to denim jeans, but what about casual shirts? The answer is pretty darn good, especially if you like them a little more smart casual. The range has everything from basic and formal styles to bold and colourful creations, made from a wide range of fabrics. There’s also both long and short sleeve designs, which complement the transition between work hours and heading into town to wind down.

Hugo Boss

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (19) 18/19

Price: From $98
Sizes: S-XXXL

Adding an element of tailored class to a man’s daily ensemble is arguably what Hugo Boss has become most well known for over the past 40 years. It’s that close attention to fit and detail that makes its designs stand out and celebrate simplicity. The German brand may like to move into bolder more colourful territories from time to time, but it’s the straight forward, black and white contrasts that we all love the brand for.

Even the brand’s certified-casual shirts come across strikingly formal, so it all comes down to fabric used to help differentiate the occasion. We recommend going for a slim-fit shirt cut from a cotton-linen jersey blend as they’re ideal for transitioning from office to after-work drinks.


19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (20) 19/19

Price: From $110
Sizes: XS-XXL

Since its creation by David Reiss in 1971, Reiss has established a design philosophy centred on creating design-led menswear, womenswear and accessories. With an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative and original products, Reiss fuses exceptional design, quality and value.

From classic Oxford men’s casual shirts to playful prints in laid-back fabrics, Reiss has an extremely stylish and versatile range of men’s shirts.

19 Best Men's Casual Shirts For Every Occasion (2024)


What is the most versatile shirt? ›

Of course, the classic white dress shirt comes first. It's the most versatile shirt and can be worn for pretty much any occasion - from formal events to casual outings. White is the kind of color that can be combined with anything and has the effect of making you look more youthful and energetic.

Which brand is best for men's shirts? ›

List of Top Most Best Shirt Brands In India in 2024
  • Peter England.
  • Levi's.
  • Arrow.
  • Raymond.
  • Jack & Jones.
  • Allen Solly.
  • Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Redtape.
Jan 10, 2024

What to wear with a button up shirt for guys? ›

If you're attending a formal event, a button-up shirt is a safe choice, especially if you pair it with a tie and dress pants. If you want a shirt for casual or weekend wear, a button-down shirt is a good option, especially if you pair it with jeans or chinos.

How many shirts should a man own? ›

At a minimum, it's a good idea to own 1-2 dress shirts, as you never quite know what life events will come your way. However, men who wear dress shirts and a 100% silk necktie daily will generally want 5-7 shirts to ensure they have a clean shirt every day.

What color shirt should every man have? ›

Dress shirt as a staple of a man's wardrobe
  • The white shirt. A white shirt is the absolute must-have item in every man's arsenal. ...
  • The light blue shirt. The light blue shirt deserves the second spot due to its strong colour versatility (almost everything goes with it). ...
  • The striped shirt. ...
  • The checked shirt. ...
  • The Oxford shirt.

What is the most expensive shirt brand? ›

7 Most Expensive Clothing Brands
  1. Gucci. Gucci is the most expensive clothing brand in the world, and it has been making clothes since 1921 in Italy. ...
  2. Louis Vuitton. ...
  3. Chanel. ...
  4. Hermès. ...
  5. Prada. ...
  6. Versace. ...
  7. Balenciaga.
May 11, 2023

How to dress casual but classy for guys? ›

If you're not sure how casual you can dress in a business-casual office, a button-down shirt is a safe bet. Skip the tie and pair it with well-fitting pants (avoid baggy styles so as not to look frumpy). For an informal evening out, wear it untucked with a pair of skinny or slim-fit jeans.

What color pants go with everything? ›

For example, if you are wearing a light blue color shirt then go for dark shade of pant or vice-versa. What color pant go with everything? Khaki and black pants are the great colors which can go with every shirt, whether the shirt color is dark or light.

What casual outfits do guys like? ›

If you want to look chill and casual, go for a fitted T-shirt, a bomber jacket, and skinny jeans. For an extra eye-catching effect, toss a studded leather jacket over any outfit. Pair a leather jacket with a white tank top and acid washed jeans for a retro vibe.

Should men tuck in button down shirts? ›

Smart Casual: If you are wearing a casual shirt by itself leave it untucked, however, if you are wearing a shirt paired with a casual jacket or coat, tuck it in for smart casual occasions. Business Casual: Whether you are sporting a blazer, sweater or just a shirt, always have your shirt tucked in.

What's the difference between a button-up shirt and a button-down shirt? ›

The basic answer is a button up shirt is any shirt that has buttons running up the front; a button down shirt is the same but has additional buttons on the collar. Simple!

How many buttons should I leave unbuttoned on a shirt? ›

2 buttons undone. This is a little more relaxed. It's considered the sweet spot for unbuttoning shirts, and it's good for any occasion.

What is the most versatile fabric? ›

While many choose cotton as the most versatile fabric, some find linen to be an all-rounder due to its comfort and lightweight properties.

What does versatile shirt mean? ›

Versatility in clothing means that an item can be worn in many different ways; or a lot of different looks can be created with an item.

What is the most versatile color to wear? ›

But there are other reasons to consider white for your outfit. Since it's neutral, it's a very versatile color both in terms of using it in combinations with other colors and in the context of the variety of occasions it can be used for.

What type of shirt is most flattering? ›

V-Neck. The V-neck is another classic, universally flattering neckline that belongs in every closet. This neckline type draws the eyes inward, which can create the look of a longer neck and torso.


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