35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (2024)


35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (1)

By Katherine Gillen

Published Sep 18, 2020

Biting into a plump, ripe fresh fig? There’s almost nothing better…which is why we’re putting the fruit in just about every recipe when fig season comes around. Luckily, the savory-sweet beauties actually have two seasons (one in early June and one in early fall), so you can indulge twice as much. From fig pizza to chocolate-covered treats, here are 35 fig recipes to make immediately.


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Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

1. Prosciutto And Fig Salad Board

Realizing that salads don’t have to go in bowls was an a-ha moment for us. Spread on a big cutting board, you get way better access to all those pretty (and tasty) toppings.

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2. Arugula Fig Pizza

With a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and all those plump, juicy figs, this might be the chicest pizza we’ve ever seen. (Thanks, Coterie member Gaby Dalkin.)

3. Horchata Oats With Pistachios And Roasted Figs

Horchata oatmeal—made with cinnamon-y vanilla rice milk—is delightful as is, but the caramelized figs put this breakfast (courtesy of Coterie member Jodi Moreno) over the top.

4. Ginger Fig Tart With Chestnut-almond Crust

Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also vegan and gluten-free. File this one under “crowd-pleasers.”

35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (6)

A Better Happier St. Sebastian

5. Roasted Fig, Hazelnut And Brussels Sprouts Salad

Roasting the figs is an easy way to bring out their flavor, and they bring a certain je ne sais quoi to an otherwise simple salad. We think Ina Garten would approve.

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35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (7)

Spoon Fork Bacon

6. Fresh Fig, Arugula And Pancetta Pasta

Ooh, we’ve never tried figs in pasta before. We’re adding this to our dinner rotation, stat.

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7. Roasted Squash, Caramelized Fig And Feta Salad

Introducing the official salad of early fall. You can make it every week until fig season is over; we won’t judge.

8. Fig Salad With Fresh Mozzarella

A homemade vinaigrette with less than ten ingredients? Check. A shockingly easy four-ingredient salad? Check. Put them together and the result is as good as you think.

Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

9. Bacon, Fig And Ricotta Tartines

Something magical happens when you combine salty bacon with sweet figs. In fact, it’s so magical that you might want to make a double batch.

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35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (11)

Spoon Fork Bacon

10. Garlic Roasted Chicken Thighs With Caramelized Figs And Onions

Because figs are just slightly sweet, they complement savory chicken to a tee. Serve this with a fresh green salad for an elegant meal.

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11. Fresh Fig, Prosciutto And Arugula Salad With Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette

What happens when you take all of your late summer produce and toss it in one bowl? This delicious salad is what.

35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (13)

Spoon Fork Bacon

12. Salted Honey And Fig Eton Mess

Think of this as a cross between a pavlova and a traditional Eton Mess—you know, the Mary Berry-approved English dessert made with layers of cloud-like meringue and whipped cream. Whatever you do, don’t forget the flaky sea salt finish.

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13. Green Goddess Fig Nourish Bowls

Yep, figs can play the healthy game, too. This nutritious bowl has it all: leafy greens, healthy fats and a homemade dressing that’s *chef’s kiss.*

14. Easy Goat Cheese, Prosciutto And Fig Flatbreads

While you’re soaking up the last of those impromptu alfresco dinners, you should probably make an appetizer. This one takes 20 minutes, making it a no-brainer.

15. Honey Cake With Fresh Figs And Goat Cheese Frosting

Goat cheese frosting? You read that right, and we promise it works. It’s like a creamier, tangier take on cream cheese frosting. Yum.

16. Fig Newton Breakfast Smoothie

FYI, figs are packed with fiber, potassium and antioxidants. So this smoothie might taste like a cookie, but it’s actually really good for you.

35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (18)

Real and Vibrant

17. Chocolate-covered Figs

They take only ten minutes to make, but they’ll disappear in even less.

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Matt Russell/Provençal

18. Black Fig And Tomato Salad

It’s an ode to two of our favorite fruits. If your figs and tomatoes are ripe, it’s bound to be delicious.

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Photo: Christine Han/Styling: Erin McDowell

19. Fig Tarte Tatin

Apples, schmapples. We’re swapping in sticky-sweet caramelized figs for this one-skillet dessert. Prepare for the oohs and ahhs.

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20. Black Fig, Mozzarella And Basil Salad

This is everything a late-summer side dish should be: fresh, flavorful and beyond easy to make. If we close our eyes and take a bite, it’s almost like we’re in Italy.

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Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

21. Baked Brie With Figs, Pistachios And Orange

Make sure you pull it out of the oven right as everyone enters the kitchen, so you can see their impressed reactions.

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Aran Goyoaga/Cannelle et Vanille

22. Black Rice Bowl With Figs, Radicchio, Pickled Radishes And Pepitas

This bowl is excellent on its own, but you could supplement the figs with apples, pears or even roasted grapes if you wanted.

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23. Fig Mojito

The classic recipe for this co*cktail is ultra-refreshing, but this fall-fied version is just the twist we’re looking for.

24. Fig And Honey Cheesecake Galette

If you’re lucky enough to come upon a bounty of figs at the farmers market, grab as many as you can and pile them all into this rich dessert.

25. Balsamic-mint Fig Salsa

Coterie member Aida Mollenkamp serves this salsa with grilled flank steak, but you could also pair it with lamb, pork or chicken, or as a simple side salad.

26. Honey-lemon Ricotta Breakfast Toast With Figs And Pistachios

We love a fancy toast and we’re not afraid to admit it. This one’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the tastebuds. (Thanks, Coterie member Monique Volz.)

27. Fresh Fig Margaritas

Make a batch of these refreshing autumnal drinks, then don your coziest sweater and head outside for co*cktail hour on the porch.

28. Chocolate Chip Fig Tahini Cookies

Coterie member Jerrelle Guy is taking the chocolate chip cookie to a whole other level, and we are here for it.

29. Blue Cheese Stuffed Figs

As if the blue cheese filling wasn’t enticing enough, these cuties are wrapped in salty prosciutto and topped with honey and Marcona almonds.

30. Goat Cheese Stuffed Fig, Melon And Prosciutto Salad

Fruit salads are a dime a dozen. With a homemade honeyed vinaigrette and fresh figs, this one is the exception to that rule.

31. Burrata And Agrodolce Fig Crostini

Agrodolce is an Italian condiment that translates to “sweet and sour,” and it happens to pair beautifully with figs.

32. Honey Roasted Fig And Goat Cheese Ice Pops

The pops are made with a blend of Greek yogurt and goat cheese, so they’re tangy but not overly so.

33. Stuffed Fig Focaccia Bread

With goat cheese and prosciutto, it’s like an entire charcuterie board in a slice of bread. Genius.

34. Chicken Harvest Salad

When we’re not eating hearty, stick-to-your-ribs fall meals, we’ll be noshing on this gorgeous and healthy concoction.


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35. Roasted Figs With Ice Cream

Sometimes, simple is best…especially when it involves ice cream (and figs, of course).


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35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (37)

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35 Fig Recipes to Make While this Sweet Fruit Is in Season (2024)


What is the season for figs? ›

Typically, figs feature two main cropping seasons annually. The first, known as the “breba” crop, appears in late spring to early summer, while the second, or “main” crop, matures from late summer to early fall.

How to make figs taste sweeter? ›

While figs are wonderful on their own, caramelizing them intensifies their sweetness and flavor to make them exceptional.

Are figs in season right now? ›

Selecting. There are two seasons for domestic fresh figs; the first or "breba" season is the first few weeks in June. The second or "new wood" season typically runs from August through October. The most common variety is the Black Mission fig followed by the Brown Turkey fig and the Green Kadota fig respectivly.

What makes a fig sweet? ›

Figs are delectably sweet, and there's a reason for that: lots of natural sugar.

Why did Jesus curse the fig tree when it was not in season? ›

By a show of leaves, it was like many people, pretending to have fruit which was not there. It was like the Pharisees who professed to be very religious, but whose lives were fruitless. Therefore, Christ cursed the fig tree as an object lesson to all not to be hypocritical.”

Did Jesus eat figs? ›

The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs.

How many figs should I eat per day? ›

When it comes to raw fruit, you can easily have 2-3 figs in a day. If you are having dried figs, stick to 3 figs and do not have them without soaking overnight. Our body can absorb the nutrients and digest some dried fruits and nuts in a better way when they are soaked well.

Should you refrigerate figs? ›

Since fresh figs are perishable, they need to be kept in the refrigerator, between 32ºF-36ºF. Like strawberries, which can get moldy if exposed to too much moisture, it's generally not recommended that you wash figs as soon as you bring them home from the market.

How many years does it take for a fig tree to bear fruit? ›

Figs typically form on new stem growth each year and ripen months later. Most fig trees take three to five years to start ripening fruit. Prior to that, figs may form along stems where each leaf attaches, but they won't ripen. Potted figs may bear fruit sooner.

Can diabetics eat figs? ›

It's worth noting that you'll often see figs listed as a “top pick” or “best fruit” for people with diabetes because of their low to moderate glycemic index. This means that they should not raise blood sugars as rapidly as high glycemic index foods.

What is the sweetest fig fruit? ›

If you prefer sweet, choose Bursa figs. It is one of the sweetest fig varieties available.

Which fig has the best flavor? ›

Coll de Dama - The "CDD" types are figs that just like the Black Madeira are very highly regarded unanimously by fig hobbyists in the flavor department. CDD figs come in many colors and names, but have no doubt that you will enjoy Grise, Noire, Blanc, Gegantina, Mutante & Rimada.

What is the best time of year to buy figs? ›

So, when is fig season? Bit of a trick question: there are actually two! With figs, you get one smaller harvest in early summer and then a larger one either in late summer or early fall. Prices stay fairly consistent, though you might find figs a little dearer during winter.

What months are best for figs? ›

Most outdoor-grown figs are ready at the end of the summer. You can pick the fruits as they ripen through to the end of September. The fruits are ready when the stem bend and the fruits are hanging down – they may produce a drop of sugar at the bottom.

What month do figs set fruit? ›

Most of the activity in the orchards begins in May as the fruit appears on the tree and culminates in October when the final “picking” of the dried fruit is completed.

Can you buy figs all year round? ›

Fresh figs are available all year round, but a much heavier and sweeter crop appear in late summer and Autumn so enjoy them at their best from June to October.


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