Carter Sharer Net Worth 2024 | Carter Sharer's House Worth (2024)

How much is Carter Sharer Worth?

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Carter Sharer is a famous American YouTuber who has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He is widely popular for his self-named YouTube channel, where he uploads vlogs. Besides, Carter is a founder of a team named Team RAR. Also, he is an excellent online entertainer.

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Many questions are surrounding Carter Sharer. So, go through the article to know more about him. Explore how he managed to lead his life to become a famous YouTuber and multi-millionaire. Also, learn some facts, including his biography, education, early life, personal life, and many other things.

How much does Carter Sharer make per year?

Carter Sharer makes around $3.1 million every year throughout his YouTube channel.

Carter Sharer earned most of his wealth from his YouTube channel. Moreover, he makes about 260 thousand dollars every month from his YouTube channel. As the CEO of Team RAR, Carter earned around 100 thousand dollars.

What does Carter Sharer do for a living?

Carter Sharer is a talented YouTuber and entrepreneur. Besides, he has a self-named YouTube channel. And he is also the founder of a team named Team RAR. All the workplaces are full of diversity. So, all the sources of income of Carter Sharer have been given below to understand better at a glance:

How much does Carter Sharer earn from YouTube?

On 24 September 2009, Carter Sharer created his self-named YouTube channel. According to Social Blade, he earned around 3.1 million dollars annually. Besides, this YouTube channel has a total view of 2.2 billion.

All the detailed information about the YouTube channel has been given below to know better:

YouTube Channel NameCarter Sharer
YouTube Channel Created24 September 2009
Subscribers8.41 million
Total Views2.21 billion
Average Views5 million
Channel TypeEntertainment
YouTube RankA-
Subscriber Rank1305th
Monthly Earnings260 thousand dollars
Yearly Earnings3.1 million dollars

For every thousand views, YouTubers get about 2 or 3 dollars. So, according to our analysis, Carter gets about 10 or 15 thousand dollars for every video. Some of his most viewed videos have been tabled below to know better at a glance:

Name of the VideosViews
Frozen 100 Mystery Buttons4.3 million
Slime 100 Mystery Buttons9.3 million
Invisible Camouflage Hide and Seek5.2 million
I Built the World’s Tallest Trampoline Tower9.5 million
Last to Leave Island Keeps It6.1 million
I Drove a Limo 24HRS Straight to Unspeakable House8.1 million
I Hid Underground from Police6.6 million
We Played Among Us in Real Life Challenge4,6 million
I Built a Trampoline Island4.9 million

How much does Carter Sharer earn from Team RAR?

Carter Sharer has founded a shop named Team RAR. Besides, he has an official website, From here, he makes more than 100 thousand dollars by selling merchandise.

Moreover, on the website, Team RAR sells different types of products, including bags, caps, t-shirts, monster dolls, stickers, etc. Some of the product’s names and prices name are tabled below to see better at a glance:

Name of the ProductsPrices
Themed RAR Monster Plush$34.99
Blue Money Gun$37.99
RAR Tag Sticker$5

Who are the members of Team RAR?

Some famous YouTubers created Team RAR, such as Carter Sharer, Lizzy Capri, Steven Cho, and Ryan Prunty. However, they have their own YouTube channels. All the names of the YouTubers real names and celebrated names have been given below to see better at a glance:

Name of the YouTubersOnline Name
Carter SharerCarter Sharer
Lizzy CapriLizzy Capri
Steven ChoStoves Kitchen
Ryan PruntyRyan Prunty

Biography of Carter Sharer

Full NameCarter Sharer
Professional NameCarter Sharer
Sexual OrientationStraight
Date of Birth23 October 1993
Place of BirthOakton, Virginia, United States of America
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5 feet 8 inch
Weight65 kg
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net worth$10 million

The Early Life of Carter Sharer

On 23 October 1993, Carter Sharer was born in Oakton, Virginia, United States of America. Besides, he grew up in Oakton, Virginia. From a young age, Carter was interested in YouTube.

Carter’s father is a professional lawyer. Also, his mother is an oil painter, who works with oil paint and creates awesome artwork. Carter has two brothers and sisters who are also YouTubers. Their names are Stephen Sharer and Grace Sharer.

In 2012, Carter completed his high school graduation from Oakton High School. Besides, while studying at the school, he joined the swim team. Later on, he completed his bachelor’s degree at Carnegie Mellon University under the Department of Mechatronics, Automation Engineering, and Robotics Engineering.

The Personal Life of Carter Sharer

In 2012, Carter started dating his ex-girlfriend named Lizzy Capri. However, after seven years of their relationship, the couple decided to separate. In 2019, they announced on social media platforms that they were going to split.

After separation, they are still working together and creating new videos for the YouTube channel. The couple said on social media that they would be friends forever.


Who is the richest member of Team RAR?

Carter Sharer is the founder as well as the richest member of Team RAR. Carter created this team to create content, adventures, experiments, vlogs, and many other things. As the CEO of Team RAR, Carter earns about 50 thousand dollars.

What is Carter Sharer’s twin real name?

Carter Sharer has a twin brother named Stephen Sharer. Like his brother, Stephen is also a YouTuber, who creates vlogs and challenges. He has an estimated net worth of 9 million dollars. Moreover, Stephen Sharer has two siblings named Carter Sharer and Grace Sharer.

Is Carter Sharer Married to Lizzy?

No, Carter Sharer is not married to Lizzy. Lizzy started dating Carter in 2012. After 7 years of their relationship, they decided to break up in 2019. Currently, they are talking with each other but as friends. Moreover, they are still working together on the YouTube channel.

Carter Sharer Net Worth 2024 | Carter Sharer's House Worth (2024)


Carter Sharer Net Worth 2024 | Carter Sharer's House Worth? ›

Carter Sharer known for his YouTube channel 'Carter Sharer' is an American YouTuber, Vlogger, and content creator with a net worth of around $5.98 million as of April 2024 according to Net Worth Spot.

Does Carter Sharer live in LA? ›

As part of his success he later moved to a huge Mansion in a big neighborhood in LA called Holmby hills, which, he calls it the "Team RAR House" where he vlogs and does 24 hour challenges with his friends.

Where do the sharers live? ›

He is based in Los Angeles which is the setting of many of his videos. The channel experienced rapid growth, amassing 2 million subscribers within a year and reached 6 million subscribers in two years.

What university did Carter Sharer go to? ›

Carter Sharer (MCS 2016) thought after he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University he'd be making robots or working on self-driving cars. Instead, he's making wildly successful videos that engage millions of viewers worldwide.


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