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Use FedEx tracking to stay informed about your shipment. It provides timely updates on where your package is and when it's expected to arrive. This service also includes confirmation of delivery, making sure you're always aware of your package's status. FedEx tracking is a useful tool for efficiently managing deliveries and scheduling.

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How to track FedEx packages?

Before you can find details about your packages, you must know your FedEx tracking number. Once you have obtained it, you have two main options for tracking your FedEx package. You can either use FedEx's tracking services or opt for Ship24, an alternative. When using FedEx, you might need to provide additional details and login for certain information.

Track FedEx Package on their Website

To track on the FedEx website, you need to:

  1. Depending on your region, go to their website.
  2. Scroll down and find a search field where you can enter your tracking number, door tag number, or FedEx Office order number.
  3. Click on "Track" once you are done.

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Track FedEx Package on Ship24

If you prefer another way of tracking your parcels, you can use Ship24. To track with Ship24:

  1. Go to the Ship24 homepage or the search field above.
  2. Enter your tracking number.
  3. Press the search button.

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Tracking with Ship24 will give you access to more than a thousand couriers which means that even if other couriers like USPS, China Post, UPS, etc., are handling your parcels, you can still get tracking updates with the same tracking numbers.

FedEx Package Tracking Using a Reference Number

To track your FedEx package with a reference number, simply enter it on the tracking website. You'll also need to provide the destination country or territory, postal code, and dispatch date. Optionally, you can include your account number for more detailed tracking.

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FedEx SmartPost Tracking

FedEx International Tracking

FedEx Tracking Customer Service

FedEx Proof of Delivery Tracking

For packages requiring proof of delivery, recipients sign upon arrival. This ensures the package is received and allows sellers to view the recipient’s signature. Available for FedEx Express, Ground, and Freight, this secure option offers peace of mind during delivery.

Domestic FedEx Tracking

FedEx offers several ways to track packages across the United States. Whether you're a business owner, an online shopper, or sending a package to someone special, it's easy to keep tabs on your shipment.

For domestic shipments, here are some services that FedEx offers.

Tracking FedEx Ground

Choose FedEx Ground to track your packages from start to finish. You'll get updates on where your shipment is and when it's expected to arrive.

Tracking FedEx Smartpost Returns

Handling returns? FedEx Smartpost Returns lets you follow your return packages back to the sender, keeping everything clear and straightforward.

Tracking FedEx Door Tag

Missed a delivery? No problem. The door tag left by the courier has a tracking number. Use it on the FedEx website to find out where your package is and arrange for redelivery or pickup.

Tracking International FedEx Package

FedEx offers two main services for tracking international packages: FedEx International Economy and FedEx Express. The Economy option is cost-effective, letting you follow your package's journey from start to finish. For faster shipping and detailed, real-time updates, FedEx Express is your go-to. It's ideal for urgent documents or time-sensitive items, keeping you informed about their delivery status.

China FedEx Tracking

When shipping packages from China, FedEx's tracking service is both reliable and efficient. It lets you keep tabs on your package's journey, whether it's staying within China or headed across the globe.

United Kingdom (UK) FedEx Tracking

For those sending items to and from the UK, understanding where your shipment is at all times is key. FedEx makes this easy, giving you all the updates you need, no matter the size of your parcel.

India FedEx Tracking

If you are sending or receiving packages to and from India, FedEx has got you covered. Their system provides detailed updates from the moment your package is picked up until it's delivered, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Mexico FedEx Tracking

Shipping to Mexico requires a system you can trust. FedEx's tracking ensures you know exactly where your package is, from the US to its final destination in Mexico.

Tracking FedEx Air Waybill (AWB)

For shipments with an Air Waybill (AWB), each AWB number is like a unique identifier for your package. It lets you track its location and stay updated on its delivery status, offering reassurance while your package is in transit.

Tracking Status of FedEx

When you enter your FedEx tracking numbers, you will receive FedEx notifications when your registered package is on its way for delivery. Here are some tracking notifications you will receive from FedEx.

Tracking StatusDescription
Shipment information sent to FedExFedEx has the details of your package and is preparing it for shipping.
At local FedEx facilityYour package is at a FedEx center near you, undergoing delivery processing.
In transitYour package is on its way to the destination.
International shipment release - ExportCustoms in the country of origin have cleared your international package.
Left FedEx origin facilityYour package has left its country of origin.
Picked up, Package received after FedEx cutoffFedEx has collected your package post the cutoff time.
Arrived at FedEx hubYour package is at a FedEx hub for sorting.
Departed FedEx hubYour package has been dispatched from a FedEx hub.
International shipment release - ImportYour international package has been cleared by customs in the destination country.
Picked upFedEx has your package, confirmed by a label scan.
Operational DelayYour package is delayed due to unexpected issues.
On FedEx vehicle for deliveryYour package is on a FedEx vehicle and will be delivered today.
At destination sort facilityYour package is at a local facility, and ready for final delivery.
Arrived at FedEx locationYour package has reached a FedEx facility in your area.

FedEx "Shipment Exception" Meaning

A "Shipment Exception" in FedEx tracking indicates a delay in your package's transit. This is usually due to factors like bad weather, road closures, or vehicle issues within FedEx's delivery fleet.

FedEx Package Delivered to the Wrong Address

Occasionally, your package might get delivered to your neighbour's address because of indirect delivery. When this happens, you can head over to the FedEx website or find a note in front of your doorstep to see where your package got delivered.

The reason why it got delivered to another address is that:

  1. There was no one present to claim the package. Hence, no one signed the delivery form.
  2. The address given to FedEx was mistakenly written.

Contact FedEx and provide them with the tracking number to resolve this issue.

Customer Service of FedEx Tracking

Depending on your location, contacting FedEx for tracking may differ. Simply find your local customer service number and provide your FedEx tracking number. These FedEx contact numbers are also useful for other inquiries, like services or issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you'll find frequently asked questions related to FedEx tracking.

Does FedEx deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, FedEx offers weekend delivery through its FedEx Home Delivery service. This service operates every day of the week across all 50 states in the US. Customers have options for evening and scheduled appointment deliveries.

Can I track my FedEx package during weekend deliveries?

For tracking weekend deliveries, FedEx provides updates even on Saturdays and Sundays. Availability of weekend delivery might vary by region, so it's recommended to check directly with FedEx. The primary services for weekend deliveries are FedEx Saturday Delivery and FedEx Sunday Delivery.

With Ship24, you can track your FedEx shipments around the clock. By entering your FedEx tracking number on the Ship24 website, you'll get real-time updates on your package's status and location.

It's important to remember that weekend delivery schedules can differ, especially in remote areas like Alaska and Hawaii. FedEx's Saturday service includes both pickup and delivery options.

How long does it take for FedEx to update tracking information?

Whenever a package is travelling to a different point, your FedEx package gets scanned. It is normal for FedEx tracking numbers not to show any tracking updates in the first 24 to 48 hours as the packages might have not been scanned or registered yet. This typically happens especially during long travels.

With Ship24's advanced AI, it can recognise tracking patterns. So whenever a tracking event happens to your FedEx, you can be sure that Ship24's tracking system has already detected it, which is why Ship24 is the best place to track your FedEx packages, whether domestically or internationally.

What is the difference between FedEx Express and Federal Express?

Initially named "Federal Express Corporation," the company rebranded to FedEx in 1997. Since then, it has evolved to include various divisions such as FedEx Express, FedEx Global Logistics, and FedEx Ground. FedEx is known for its innovative approach to package tracking and delivery, a concept it has been developing since its inception in the 1970s.

About FedEx

FedEx Corporation, originally Federal Express Corporation and later FDX Corporation, is a global leader in transportation, e-commerce, and business services. Founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith, the company started its operations in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1973. FedEx is renowned for its express delivery service and was one of the first to offer overnight shipping. It has expanded its operations through significant acquisitions, including TNT Express in Europe and Kinko's, now known as FedEx Office. With over 500,000 employees, FedEx is not only a top American employer but also a major contractor for the U.S. government.

FedEx's success is attributed to its innovative approach, especially in package tracking and reliable delivery services. The company operates worldwide, offering a wide range of services like freight transportation, logistics, and time-sensitive deliveries. FedEx's influence is evident in popular culture and its sponsorship in sports, highlighting its status as a prominent and impactful company in the global logistics industry.

FEDEX Tracking | Track FedEx Parcel & Shipment Delivery - Ship24 (2024)


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