Hands-on: Cold VR is Superhot VR in reverse, but much more chaotic (2024)

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Hands-on: Cold VR is Superhot VR in reverse, but much more chaotic (1)


A demo of the VR shooter Cold VR has recently been released on Steam. I tried out the VR game, which is reminiscent of Superhot VR.

Cold VR is a VR shooter for PC VR that is very similar to Superhot VR in terms of visuals and structure. There is no release date yet, but a demo is available via SteamVR where you can try out some of the game's levels.

While it may look like a clone of the popular Superhot VR port, Cold VR does one thing completely differently. Time only stands still when you move — the opposite of Superhot VR's gameplay. You can also move freely, which makes the gameplay much faster and more chaotic. But how does Cold VR play?

Cold VR is pure chaos

To test Cold VR, I connected my Quest 3 directly to my computer using a link cable. After starting the game, I found myself in a kind of hub. Here I have to choose from six levels, a tutorial and the start of the demo, which takes me through different areas before the game starts and explains the game and its functions in more detail.

As already mentioned, the special feature of Cold VR is the fact that time stands still as long as I move. That's why it's important to keep moving, which works perfectly thanks to the fairly fluid controls. This big difference to Superhot VR makes Cold VR a much more chaotic game.

Whereas in Superhot VR I could simply take my time and plan my steps, here I have to plan on the fly. It's especially challenging to keep track of things when you're moving quickly from enemy to enemy.

When I got to the first real level, I found a katana. I immediately went into battle with it and defeated my first few enemies in melee combat — only to realize after a short pause that two more enemies were already shooting at me with pistols. I dodged the first bullet with a quick movement and simply blocked the second with my katana, which surprised me quite a bit. In this style, you progress through increasingly complicated areas and levels.

Hands-on: Cold VR is Superhot VR in reverse, but much more chaotic (2)

Here you are on three connected ships. There are enemies everywhere and bullets flying towards you all the time. Pure chaos! | Image: ALLWARE LLC

From the katana to the throwing axe to the revolver

At first, I'm usually only armed with a katana or other melee weapons, but soon I'm holding the first firearms with very limited ammunition. The fact that enemies move when I'm standing still is particularly noticeable here.

Aiming at an enemy in peace is typically not a good idea. Instead, I run wildly from cover to cover, trying to make sure none of the enemies can move much. I have a large sword in one hand and a pistol in the other. Whenever I managed to shoot one of the enemies in the chaos and constant movement, I tried my luck.

Unfortunately, quite often unsuccessfully because aiming and shooting in VR and in full motion is by no means easy. As a result, I regularly found myself relying on my melee weapon and charging at the various enemies, only to take them down with a powerful blow.

Pirate ships and backrooms

The levels are designed very differently. Once I had to escape from a labyrinth without weapons, which is very reminiscent of the familiar back rooms. These are disturbing, surreal mazes of seemingly endless, monotonous rooms and corridors with yellowish lighting and damp carpeted floors. You can only enter this labyrinth through a “glitch” in reality, and it is haunted by creepy creatures. The creepy pasta phenomenon recently brought Noclip VR to Meta Quest.

In another level, I started on the mast of a ship connected to two other ships by bridges. I had to jump from the mast to kill the first enemy and then use my katana and revolver to take out the crew of all the ships. Due to the many obstacles and the narrow planks between the ships, it was especially difficult for me to keep an overview and not get hit.

The variety of levels makes each challenge feel fresh. I have to come up with a new approach each time and find out what options the current area has for me. These range from different weapons to the ability to jump and take cover.

Hands-on: Cold VR is Superhot VR in reverse, but much more chaotic (7)

As you move through the back rooms of Cold VR, you will be chased by enemies who cannot touch you. | Image: ALLWARE LLC

My verdict on the chaotic VR shooter Cold VR

Being a big fan of games like Superhot VR or Pistol Whip, I truly enjoyed Cold VR. Of course, there were a few glitches here and there in the demo, but overall the game played really well. Only the picking up of weapons was sometimes not as precise as I would have liked.

I really liked the music, the visuals, and the variety of environments and tasks. Although Cold VR is incredibly chaotic and confusing at first, once you get used to the speed and movement, the mechanics are straightforward to master. I'm excited to see what the full game has to offer and will definitely give it another try.

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Hands-on: Cold VR is Superhot VR in reverse, but much more chaotic (2024)


Is SUPERHOT VR ok for kids? ›

Generally, virtual reality experiences can be more intense than traditional gaming, so it's recommended for children to be at least 13 years old, in line with Roblox's age recommendation for VR experiences.

What happened to SUPERHOT VR? ›

Superhot VR has been review-bombed on Steam following its removal of scenes involving the player harming or killing themselves. One now-removed scene involved the player motioning the controller like a gun in order to shoot themselves, while another scene had the player jumping off a high-rise building.

How hard is SUPERHOT VR? ›

It IS extremely difficult, and it is a puzzle game at its base, but it's more managable knowing that. I'd also say that having to do 5 'rooms' in a row or lose all progress is a bit unfair. It should checkpoint after two rooms.

Is SUPERHOT VR worth the money? ›

Superhot VR is one of the best VR games I've played, rivaling Beat Saber for my all-time favorite. It's just really cool dodging bullets in slow motion, and the mechanics give the adrenaline of a first person shooter with the difficulty of a puzzle game.

Is VR OK for 7 year olds? ›

Generally speaking, most VR headsets are not designed for children under the age of 13, and there's a variety of reasons: a child's eyesight is still developing, VR can make even some adults feel motion sickness, and there's not enough research yet about the long-term effects for children.

Why can't kids under 13 use VR? ›

“Younger children's visual systems are still developing and may be negatively impacted by using virtual content,” it says.

What content was deleted from SUPERHOT VR? ›

Superhot VR has received an update to remove all scenes that depict the main playable character hurting or killing themselves.

Is there a non VR superhot? ›

How exactly is SUPERHOT different from SUPERHOT VR? This is the original SUPERHOT game that contains no VR capability. To play in VR, please take a look at SUPERHOT VR, which is a different game with different levels, plot, mechanics and some new weapons; a game that was created for VR.

Does SUPERHOT VR have a story? ›

The Superhot narrative works in several metanarrative levels: the player plays a fictionalized version of themselves sitting in front of their DOS prompt, getting a message from their friend who offers them a supposedly leaked copy of a new game called superhot.exe, claiming that the only way to access it is with a ...

How to 100% SUPERHOT VR? ›

Basically, you need to do RTA IL (real time attack individual level) speedruns of each of the 14 main levels of the game, getting the RED time in each of them.

Is SUPERHOT free VR? ›

Bug fixes, optimisations and tweaks not associated with the Quest, such as the change in level pacing, will also be making their way to PC VR and PlayStation VR "in due course". Superhot VR will be available for free for those who already own the game on the original Quest.

Are there secrets in SUPERHOT VR? ›

How to unlock the Treasure Hunter achievement. There are 14 secrets in the game in the form of floppy disks that you grab. All of them are inside objects in game so when going for them be aware of your surroundings and move slowly so you don't run in to things in the real world.

Is SUPERHOT VR OK for kids? ›

Parents: Superhot is rated Teen by the ESRB for: violence and drug references.

Does SUPERHOT VR burn calories? ›

We observed an energy expenditure of 4.06 kcals to 4.07 kcals per minute during our tests. This estimate is based on the assumption that the subject weighs 60kg. Please see the table below for an estimate of calorie expenditure for your weight.

Is SUPERHOT VR long? ›

The fruit of over three years of close cooperation between the critically acclaimed SUPERHOT Team and Oculus, SUPERHOT VR brings the intensely visceral action of SUPERHOT directly into your head and soul. How long is SUPERHOT VR? When focusing on the main objectives, SUPERHOT VR is about 2 Hours in length.

What is the most kid friendly VR game? ›

14 Best VR Games for Kids in 2023 - Child Friendly
  • Tilt Brush.
  • InMind VR.
  • Fruit Ninja VR.
  • Job Simulator VR.
  • Cloudlands : VR minigolf.
  • Oculus First Contact VR.
  • Fujii.
  • Candy Kingdom VR.
Dec 15, 2023

Is superhot a safe game? ›

Parents: Superhot is rated Teen by the ESRB for: violence and drug references.

Is Bonelab ok for 12 year olds? ›

MATURE CONTENT WARNING Player uses physical combat, including firearms, melee weapons, and bare hands, to fight enemies ranging from robots to humans. Enemies will exhibit blood splats on their bodies and the environment around them.

What is the age rating for superhot mind control delete? ›

Appropriate for Teens 12+


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