How to Track FedEx Packages in Real-Time (2024)

Key Points:

  • FedEx tracking offers flexible and responsive solutions for both domestic and international shipments
  • Track your FedEx shipments via your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer
  • Your FedEx tracking number is either a 10-digit, 15-digit, 20-digit, or 22-digit unique code
  • It may take 24 hours after your shipping label has been generated to have your tracking information updated

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FedEx is one of the major courier companies that connects eCommerce merchants and customers worldwide through a timely and dependable delivery service.

While shipping through FedEx is typically smooth, it’s essential to provide tracking since there are times when packages can be delayed for a variety of reasons, such as the COVID-19 crisis, issues with customs clearance, or issues with lost or stolen packages.

This guide will give you an overview of FedEx shipping tracking, following FedEx packages with or without a FedEx tracking number, the different FedEx services that offer tracking, FedEx shipping statuses, and how Easyship helps with FedEx delivery.

Table of Contents

01 How to Track a FedEx Shipment

02 Which FedEx Services Offer Tracking?

03 Understanding FedEx Online Tracking Statuses

04 How Long Does it Take for FedEx to Update Tracking?

05 What Happens When FedEx Tracking Isn't Updating?

06 What Happens If My Package Doesn't Arrive?

07 Easyship Helps Optimize eCommerce Tracking

How to Track a FedEx Shipment

FedEx tracking offers flexible and responsive solutions for both domestic and international shipments. Whether you want to track your packages from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, there are options for every kind of shipment.

1. FedEx tracking number

The entire tracking process is based on the FedEx tracking number. The tracking number is a unique code where all the shipment details are encrypted. Each parcel is assigned a unique number, which is provided when you ship a package at a retail location or after making an eCommerce purchase.

How to Track FedEx Packages in Real-Time (1)

FedEx assigns a 12-digit number, but there are also 10-digit, 15-digit, 20-digit, and 22-digit numbers. Mostly, FedEx tracking numbers contain no letters. Here is an example of a 12-digit FedEx tracking number.

123 456 789 012

Usually, your tracking number is printed on your shipping label. It will be automatically sent to you via email when you complete an eCommerce purchase or will be provided when you ship a package at any FedEx location.

Once you get your tracking number, you can track your FedEx packages in the following ways.

2. Easyship Dashboard

If you ship with FedEx via Easyship, you can easily track your FedEx package through your Easyship dashboard. Navigate to the Manage Shipment section, select ‘All,’ or search for the FedEx tracking number in the search bar. You will be able to conveniently follow the progress of your shipment with custom branded emails and alerts. For more details on how to track shipments visit our guide here.

3. FedEx Website

You can track FedEx packages' status on the FedEx website using your PC or mobile device. If your mobile device has a web browser, you can follow, nickname, and manage your shipment status by accessing the FedEx mobile website.

Using the FedEx website, you will be able to find out when your shipment is initiated, picked up, in transit, or delivered.

All you need to do is go to the FedEx tracking page, input up to 30 parcel tracking numbers, and hit the "Track" button to see the exact location of your package.

4. FedEx Mobile app

FedEx offers mobile apps for following and managing your shipments on the go. But you will first need to download and install FedEx Mobile for Android or FedEx Mobile for iPhone.

Any shipping label created with your account or added to FedEx Advanced tracking will automatically show up on your mobile device with FedEx Mobile apps.

FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Ground tracking are all different FedEx services that offer package tracking with FedEx Mobile apps.

5. FedEx Phone number

If you are away from your computer or cannot access the FedEx mobile website for some reason, you can still track the status of your parcel by phone. Call 1.800.464.3339 and say “track a package” to track the status of your shipment.

Can you track a package without a FedEx tracking number?

You can also track a package without a FedEx tracking number. Although your packages have tracking numbers, FedEx allows you to rename them in a way that you find more practical. In addition, you can use order numbers, account numbers, or other references you assign to your shipments to track the status of your FedEx shipments.

You can also use FedEx InSight to track moderate to high-volume shipments without tracking numbers. FedEx InSight is ideal for managing your shipments across multiple locations and accounts.

Using the FedEx tracking number, you can find the exact location of your parcel from the time you place your order till you collect the package. Large shippers can use reference numbers or order numbers to track their package or freight shipment, while government orders can be followed by entering the Transportation Control Number (TCN).

What about FedEx tracking for international shipments?

FedEx International works the same way as domestic, and you won’t need to use any unique tracking code or page. The only effort you need to make is to find out the correct tracking number for your international package.

Your tracking number is usually shown on your FedEx International Air Waybill. You only need to enter the 12-digit tracking number and click ‘Track’ to follow the progress of your international shipment. You can also sign up for delivery notifications and exceptions.

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Which FedEx Services Offer Tracking?

FedEx is reputed worldwide for its timely delivery and excellent package tracking services that enhance parcel visibility to different destinations worldwide. In most cases, FedEx tracking is available for all services. Here is a list of the most commonly used FedEx services that offer package tracking.

  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Home Delivery
  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx SmartPost
  • FedEx Custom Critical
  • FedEx Trade Networks

Understanding FedEx Online Tracking Statuses

FedEx online statuses are real-time updates on the shipment history page's tracking column. Here are the different FedEx statuses:

  • Delivered: This appears when your package has been delivered and is ready for collection at the designated address.
  • Delivery exception: A package has experienced a delivery difficulty due to unforeseen events, wrong address, customer not being available to pick up the package, or business closure.
  • New: Shipment information for the package has been sent to FedEx, and the order has been picked up.
  • In transit: A package is at a local FedEx facility or has left the FedEx origin facility and will be delivered on the originally scheduled delivery date and time.
  • On FedEx vehicle for delivery: The package has already been dispatched to a FedEx driver and will be delivered to the recipient.
  • Clearance delay: This is for international orders experiencing customs clearance delays.

How Long Does It Take for FedEx to Update Tracking?

Packages are scanned, and tracking information is updated in real-time at every step as they arrive and leave the different FedEx facilities. Sometimes, it may take up to 24 hours after the shipping label has been generated to have your tracking information updated.

What Happens When FedEx Tracking isn't Updating?

You are advised to wait for 24 hours for FedEx to update your tracking information. Sometimes, there may be delays before the courier picks up your package, or it may be picked up but yet to be scanned by the driver.

If your FedEx tracking information is not up to date after 24 hours, consider reaching out to FedEx customer support to know what is happening and resolve any concerns.

What Happens if My Package Doesn't Arrive?

FedEx is reputed for its promise to keep customers happy and satisfied with accurate delivery times. But sometimes, the unexpected happens, and your package may not arrive as scheduled due to unavoidable circ*mstances.

If your package hasn't arrived and you have not received any updates concerning the delay, you must take the necessary steps to report the issue to the courier within 24 hours. Here is what you should do if your package doesn't arrive.

  • Wait for 24 hours after the delivery date
  • Please report the issue to FedEx or Easyship so that they can perform a package search
  • If your package is found, FedEx will reroute the package to you and notify the shipper once delivery is done.
  • If the package you have been tracking with FedEx SmartPost, FedEx ground, or any other FedEx service goes missing, FedEx will send a letter through fax, email, or post to the shipper for a damage/loss claim.
  • You will then be asked to forward documents that FedEx will use to determine the value of your shipment, including purchase order, invoice, or proof of mailing.
  • If the claim falls within the carrier's guidelines and terms of service, FedEx will pay you the loss claim, either by replacement or refunding you the purchase cost; otherwise, FedEx will contact you to let you know their stand on the same.

FedEx tracking has several options that enable eCommerce merchants to keep their customers updated on what is happening to their orders in transit. Customers can track their order statuses using FedEx tracking on the website, FedEx mobile apps, FedEx phone for FedEx SmartPost tracking, FedEx ground tracking, or other FedEx service options.

Easyship Helps Optimize eCommerce Tracking

Don't forget that Easyship helps you maintain order fulfillment visibility with your customers from checkout to delivery. With branded tracking, dedicated landing pages, and email notifications, eCommerce merchants can provide customers with the most timely and relevant tracking information. Here's a more in-depth look at the features and benefits Easyship offers:

  • Shipping Dashboard: Manage orders and create shipments instantly in the Shipping Dashboard. Plus, keep track of all your delivery lead times in one place for your business and generate shipping labels
  • Shipping Policy Generator: Our shipping policy generator helps merchants and crowdfunding campaigns generate their shipping policy by providing tracking and insurance options
  • Easyship Branding Suite: Easyship provides a delivery experience consistent with your brand. Add your logo and advertising materials to your packing slips, landing pages, and tracking emails

Easyship can help supercharge your shipping experience with over 250+ Shipping Services, flat-rate services, a global fulfillment network, and much more!

Sign up now for a free Easyship account to tap into cross-border shipping!

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FedEx Tracking FAQ

What happens if FedEx delivers to the wrong address?

Sometimes, your package can be delivered to a neighbor via indirect delivery. In that case, you should find a note on your door or FedEx website notifying you of the address to which your package was delivered.

Your package can also be misdelivered to another location due to a miswritten address on the shipping label. Contact your local FedEx office, explain the situation, and provide them with your FedEx tracking number, and they will do their best to resolve the issue.

Why is my FedEx package stuck in transit?

Custom clearance delays or further checks in one of FedEx's depots are some of the reasons that can cause your package to be stuck in transit. However, the package is cleared and released to continue in transit in most cases.

How long does FedEx take to clear customs?

There is no one-size-fits-all period for FedEx customs clearance, as this depends on the type of package being shipped and how the goods have been shipped. But in most cases, it takes 1-3 days to clear customs.

Why is my FedEx shipment delayed?

Delays in customs clearance, bad weather, traffic jams, wrong address, or attempted delivery to a closed business are some of the reasons that may lead to your FedEx shipment being delayed.

How to Track FedEx Packages in Real-Time (2024)


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